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Tail Light Rebellion's Debut Album, Six Strings and Gasoline, made Grinning Beggars Best Albums of 2014 - Top 10 Folk / Singer – Songwriter / Americana Albums of 2014

"Tail Light Rebellion‘s Jonny Swagger is no stranger to the road. As the frontman for Boston’s The Swaggerin’ Growlers, Swagger has brought his rolling riot folk brigade to clubs across the country over the past 9 years. Tail Light Rebellion was born on the Growlers’ last tour, initially just as a means to record some of The Swaggerin’ Growlers songs acoustically, to bring them back to their folk roots. The project has since taken on a life of its own. Fueled on “whiskey, poverty, and caffeine,” Swagger is now adding originals to his set lists and hitting the road once again, this time on his own. Armed with just box drums, a harmonica, and a guitar that says “This machine will set you free” in magic marker, Jonny Swagger takes the stage with the force of a full band and can get the whole room rolling with his Celtic-tinged folk and bluegrass sound. You will stomp your feet, you will dance. You will not want to miss this guy when he comes to town." -Gina V, Dyingscene.com

“Swagger mixes drums, harmonica, and guitar beautiful together, and does everything all on his own. The name of this one-man band with the power of 5 (which was the number of members in the Swaggerin’ Growlers at one point) is Tail Light Rebellion, and what started as a side project and experiment has become something better than even Swagger himself could have dreamed possible.(...) Usually I am very adverse to change, never liking when an artist remixes old songs they have in their repertoire, but I was thoroughly impressed (and even excited) by what is presented in SSaG. There is a life in these songs that you wouldn’t imagine possible from such a seemingly simple idea.” - News On Shuffle

"Phenomenal showmen with more soul than a bunch of Yankees have any right to have! They're the slightly shady, super fun uncle you wish you had growing up! They're the winking eye in the face in the moon! They know all your secret desires and injustices and heartbreaks and will sing them all! Can you tell I really, really like these guys?" - Gina Sposto, Memphis, TN

"Six Strings & Gasoline. It's fucking wonderful. I finally got to finish it this morning, and, dude, yes. Wonderful. Fucking wonderful even” - Dawn W, Farmageddon Records, Greensboro, NC

“Tail Light Rebellion's Six Strings and Gasoline is a soundtrack to life. Maybe it's your life, maybe its the vagabond life you dream of but either way it transports you right back to all those times spent kickin' around with your friends, having a few beers and shootin' the breeze. Jonny Swagger picks up his guitar and starts strumming along to a story about this one time and suddenly you're tapping your feet and looking around for the closest object you can turn into an instrument. With songs about past adventures, making the best of the hand you've been dealt, and dreams of what could be Tail Light Rebellion deserves a permanent invitation to crash your kitchen table jam sessions.” - Leanna S, Somerset, NJ

"The whole album is a big fun fuck you to everything I hate. Makes me want drink and sing and fucking smash something... And feel oh so dignified to do so" - Danielle P, professional writer for LEGO, Einfield, CT

“Jonny Swagger, of Pogues-esque Dover, new hampshire folk-punks the Swaggerin' Growlers, goes solo with his new project Tail Light Rebellion...road wearied North Eastern Folk Punk, tightly produced with just a cajon, a guitar and some harmonica. it was just two songs before i heard the phrase 'dirty old town'. no lack of PBR can swingin' sing along choruses, tales of mis-spent youth and the DIY road.” - TheModernFolk.net

"Excellent job on the cd! I love how the lyrics make the songs shine that much more! The cajons and harmonica are fantastic! I'm glad you did this it showcases all your talents!" Jim Higgins, 2 Rebel Brewing, Boston, MA

“Jonathan Natale sent me an advance of the Tail Light Rebellion record. It's goooooood.” - Christopher Gold, Singer/Songwriter, Appleton, WI

“Really guys this is a fantastic sound that I can almost guarantee most of my friends will greatly enjoy.” - Kimberly Marchand, KM Photography, Haverhill, MA

“Just bought Tail Light Rebellion last night. I think Kiss My Ass is your anthem song, like We Are The Champions is for Queen. Whole album is great!” - Phil Leonard, Albany, OR

“Jonathan, This is the first time I've listened to this and it is absolutely amazing!! I love your lyrics and musical talent! I can't wait to see you (hopefully) soon!!” - Rose Hughes, Grand Rapids, MI

“Finally Listened to SSaG (Six Strings and Gasoline)... It’s brilliant” - Christine Wagenheim, NYC

"I fucking love Six Strings and Gasoline, I don't know why, it just feels like one great fuck you anthem with a punk peter pan mentality" - Chana R, Meredith, NH